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  1. An absolute commitment to the protection of individual freedoms as granted by God and protected by the Canadian Constitution, and to the equality of opportunity for all citizens.

  2. An absolute commitment to respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to not violate the Charter in an attempt to expedite any desired societal outcomes.

  3. Smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government; developing partnerships with all interested people committed to sustainable, generous, and compassionate delivery of services and to the reduction of harm for those who are suffering.

  4. Steady, gradual reduction in government spending and taxation while maintaining a firm commitment to balanced budgets.

  5. A high-quality and efficient health care system for all the people of Manitoba, regardless of where they live within the province.

  6. Empowering individuals and businesses to thrive economically by reducing arbitrary regulation, taxation, and red tape.

  7. Reform Manitoba Education to prepare and equip the province’s youth to excel in their fields of study, to prepare them properly for an ever-changing world, and to become good citizens who will continue to strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

  8. Reforming Manitoba Justice to ensure that it administers Justice to all citizens of Manitoba fairly and equally. Developing better models for Corrections to achieve maximum benefits and better resources for those struggling to get out of the cycle of being incarcerated.

  9. Democratic reform to make government more responsive to the people it serves and strengthening the partnerships with City and Municipal Governments.

Party Principles
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