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 Manitobans Can Make Informed Decisions

Like all Canadians, the people of Manitoba are getting weary of the conversations and debates regarding the Covid-19 virus, along with the endless news briefs telling us of the new variants we should all be worried about and that vaccines will not deliver the promised relief.


Everyday – the government delivers messages of discouragement and the media propagates more and more fear – but there is no message to reassure or to inspire hope. Useless cliches – like – We are all in this together - sound as hollow as the dull ring of an endless supply of droplets of water falling on a tin bucket – and they are just as annoying.

The Manitoba Party sees things differently and wants to Restore the TRUE MEANING of, We are All in

This Together. We are all Canadians and we are all Manitobans and we all live under the Charter of

Rights and Freedoms. All in this together does not mean being mutually afraid, as our governments have been teaching us to be. It does not mean being equally paranoid of others – even if they make different choices than we do. It does not mean that we spy on others, cast suspicious glances, and verbally condemn others who want to live NORMAL LIVES.


The Manitoba Party believes that we are better than this and we categorically condemn all narratives

designed to make us act contrary to how human beings are supposed to live. We reject the messages of fear and paranoia. We take exception to every statement that robs the people of Manitoba of the Hope that we have enjoyed for over a century. We have always been – Friendly Manitoba – Sunny Manitoba – the Land of 100,000 Lakes and the most gorgeous sunsets. We are NOT Lockdown Manitoba and the land of perpetual fear.









The Manitoba Party will never compromise on its platform of Individual Freedom and Personal

Responsibility. We respect the right of every person to make an Informed Decision and we do not

advocate for or against Vaccines. We realize that there is enough information available to read, so that

nobody has an excuse for being ignorant, and that Manitobans are intelligent enough to come to their

own conclusions. We believe that we can disagree on big issues, but we will NOT criticize or mock

anyone for coming to their own tough conclusion or for making their own decision.









The idea of anything being mandated, including vaccinations, is wholly repugnant and the Manitoba

Party will never stop opposing actions like this. The Manitoba Party understands that, in times of

uncertainty, it is prudent to seek expert advice, but we are FULLY AWARE that experts seldom agree on

anything. The Manitoba Party does not support governance - that diminishes, or restricts, the inherent

right of all people to make their own informed choices and we wholeheartedly challenge any notion of

“Government by Expert Opinion” – when those experts never pay the price for being wrong.

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We have been living with the consequences of bad bureaucratic decisions for over a year and there is very little hope that much will improve soon. Unsympathetic governments - all across this country - are proposing more lockdowns, and other punitive measures, that will further erode our Constitutional Rights and do irreversible damage to thousands of lives. These measures are needless and they are abhorrent.














The Manitoba Party strenuously and unambiguously opposes continued Lockdowns and calls upon the Government to use better judgement before making further harmful decisions. We further call upon the Government to stop Delegating Legislative Authority to an unelected and unaccountable Appointee. The People of Manitoba deserve to have full Transparency and Accountability from their Government and they want to know what “Expert Knowledge” is

guiding the decision making.


The Manitoba Party is committed to protecting the Constitutional Rights of all Manitobans and we will do our utmost to protect the wellbeing of everyone. We recognize that much harm has already been done and that continued Lockdowns will only cause further needless death and misery to many. Furthermore, the Manitoba Party has performed diligent research and we have gathered

overwhelming evidence, from around the world, to prove that the Lockdowns are unnecessary and that they cause irreparable harm.


In April 2021, our understanding and knowledge of the Covid-19 virus is exponentially greater than when we first became aware of it and the combined worldwide data has produced convincing and irrefutable conclusions that are being ignored by governments across our country - including our own province. We are lectured and accused of being stupid, while our government refuses to notice what is so stunningly obvious to those who are paying more attention.


The Economic hardship, growing anxiety due to uncertainty, and the deprivation of normalcy are the outcomes of these lockdown measures imposed by a government, that appears to be completely indifferent to the harm it is causing.


If we don’t know anything else, we do know that the risk of this virus to children is close to zero, but we continue to subject them to austere measures often associated with punishment.


Psychological effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on children and families in the UK Evren Morgül1, Angeliki Kallitsoglou2, & Cecilia A. Essau, 1Department of Psychology, University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom 2School of Education, University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom


Caregivers reported changes in their children’s emotional state and behaviours during the lockdown. The most frequently reported child symptom was boredom (73.8%), followed by loneliness (64.5%) and frustration (61.4%). Irritability, restlessness, anger, anxiety, sadness, worry and being likely to argue with the rest of the family was reported by more than 30% of the caregivers. During the lockdown, children spent significantly more time using screens, and less time doing physical activity and sleeping. Moreover, family coexistence during the lockdown was described as moderately difficult. More than half of the caregivers reported being moderately or seriously distressed during the lockdown and caregiver level of psychological distress was significantly related to child symptoms.


The people of Manitoba NEED better leadership than this and they NEED government that is willing to change course when the evidence demands it.

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Hearing in Manitoba lockdown action delayed by two weeks


WINNIPEG: The Justice Centre informs interested parties and observers that the Manitoba lockdown challenge has been adjourned for two weeks. It was originally scheduled for an eight-day hearing beginning April 19, 2021, however, the court has granted a brief adjournment to permit reply evidence to some of the Applicants’ expert materials.


The Justice Centre has filed expert reports authored by world-renowned Stanford Professor, Epidemiologist and Economist Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and two other high-profile medical experts. The materials are comprised of more than 2000 pages of peer-reviewed science and government data.


The new hearing date is May 3 through 7, and continuing May 10 through 14, taking place over 10 consecutive business days. The Applicants challenge Manitoba’s lockdown measures as unjustified violations of various Charter-protected freedoms including freedom of conscience, religion, expression and peaceful assembly, liberty, security of the person and equality rights.


The action also challenges the validity and reliability of PCR tests and contends that Manitoba, Dr. Brent Roussin as Chief Public Health Officer, and Dr. Jazz Atwal as the Acting Deputy Chief Public Health Officer, failed to consider the collateral social and health costs of locking down society. The Applicants contend the health Orders cannot be justified by section 1 of the Charter.


Earlier in Winnipeg, on February 9, 2021, an initial hearing was held on the constitutionality of the Public Health Act which gives broad authority to the unelected Chief Provincial Health Officer to make Public Health Orders.


During Covid, the Manitoba Legislature, comprised of the people’s democratically elected representatives, has been sidelined in favour of the autocratic authority of Dr. Roussin. The issued Orders are not considered, debated, amended or studied by the legislature. There is no requirement that Dr. Roussin or Dr. Atwal provide the legislature with reports on the Orders, or the science which supposedly supports them.


The Manitoba court action was filed December 9, 2020. The Justice Centre is representing seven churches, a minister, a deacon, and an individual fined for exercising his Charter rights to peacefully protest and express himself at a rally in Steinbach, Manitoba. Members of the faith communities bringing the lawsuit in Manitoba say their fundamental right to worship and assemble have been breached and that the resultant impact on faith communities includes a crisis of conscience, loneliness, and harm to their spiritual well-being.


The Manitoba government permits many people to gather in big box stores and in smaller numbers in liquor stores, while places of worship must remain closed. The government admits that its measures infringe some of the constitutional rights and freedoms of the Applicants but claim that the measures are justified, and not arbitrary.

To sign up to watch this hearing on May 3-7, 10-14, please click on this link, email the Manitoba Court clerk at the email address provided in the link, and make sure you fill out parts (a)-(e) in your email as indicated. The proceeding is an “Application” and will commence at 10:00 a.m. beginning May 3, 2021. The parties are: Gateway Bible Baptist Church et al. v. Manitoba et al., file CI 20-01-29284. To watch this hearing you must register by email at least two business days in advance with the Court.



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